Jose Rizal in UST Essay

Fortunately. Rizal’s first love affair. with its acrimonious disenchantment. did non adversely impact his surveies in the University of Santo Tomas. His love for higher instruction proved to be greater than his love for a pretty miss. After completing the first twelvemonth of the class in Philosophy and Letters ( 1877-780 ) . he transferred to a medical class. During the twelvemonth of his surveies in the university. which was under the Dominicans. rival instruction of the Jusuits. he remained loyal to Ateneo. where he continued to take part in excess curricular activities and where he completed the instruction class in appraising. As a Thomasian. he won more literary awards. had more love affairs with misss. and fought against Spanish pupils. Mother’s place to higher instruction.

After graduation with the highest place in Ateneo. Rizal had to travel the University of Santo Tomas in order to fix himself to a private calling. The Bachelor of Arts grade during Spanish times was tantamount to a high school sheepskin today. It simply qualified its holder to come in a university. Both Don Francisco and Paciano that Jose should prosecute a higher acquisition. But Dona Teodora did non desire him to analyze more. Obviously she had a foreboding that to much cognition would endanger his child life. In a household council in the Rizal’s place in Calamba. she smartly objected to hold her beloved Jose acquired a higher instruction. She was believing of the safety of her boy. She know the destiny of Filipino intellectuals-Father Burgos. Dr. Antonio Ma. Regidor. Jose Ma. Basa. and others of 1872-who were either executed or exiled by the Spanish governments. and blamed their sad destiny to their acquisition.

Fearful of the Spanish governments who seem to glower on those Filipinos who learn to much. she warned her hubby. “Do non direct Jose once more to Manila. If gets to cognize to much. they will cut off his caput! ” Jose. who was present in their household council when his female parent said this. was shocked. He know her female parent was a adult female o instruction and civilization: she even taught him and inspired him to compose poesy ; she came from a household of high larning – her ain brother ( and his uncle ) Jose Alberto Alonso had been educated abroad and could talk multiple Spanish. French. English and
German. Rizal enters the university. In April 1877. Rizal. who was bearly16 old ages old. matriculated in the University of Santo Tomas taking up Philosophy and Letters. He enrolled in this class for two grounds:

( 1 ) his male parent like it and
( 2 ) he was “still unsure to what calling to follow” .
He had written to beget Pablo Ramon. Rector of the Ateneo. who had been good to him during his yearss in Ateneo. inquiring for advice in the pick of calling. Unfortunately. Father Recto was in Mindanao and during those yearss it several months to go a missive from Manila to Mindanao. Consequently during his first term ( 1877-78 ) in the University of Santo Tomas he studied Cosmology. Metaphysics. Theodicy and History of Philosophy. It was during the school term ( 1978-79 ) that Rizal took up medical specialty. inscribing at the same time in preparative medical class and the habitue first twelvemonth medical class. Reasons Why Rizal Hate UST

1. Filipino Students are racially discriminated
2. Dominican Friars are hostile to him
3. The method of instructions were disused and inhibitory
Reasons Why Rizal Took Up Philosophy & A ; Letterss
1. He is non certain as to what class to take
2. His male parent like it

Reason For Taking Medical Surveies
1. It is the advice of the Rector of Ateneo. whom he consulted for a pick of calling. eventually answered his missive. and recommended medical specialty.
2. He wanted to be a doctor so that he may bring around his mother’s neglecting seeing. Rizal’s Love Affairs in UST

Leonor “Orang” Valenzuela
Leonor Valenzuela the 4th girlfriend of Rizal. Several months after during Rizal sophomore twelvemonth at the University of Santo Tomas. he boarded in the house of Dona Concha Leyva in Intramuros. The following door neighbours of Dona Concha were Capitan Juan and Capitana Sanday Valenzuela. parents of a charming miss named Leonor. Rizal a medical pupil from Calamba was a welcomed visitant in the Valenzuela place. where he was the life of the societal parties because of his clever dexterity of manus fast ones. He courted Leonor Valenzuela. who was a tall miss. Almost every bit tall as Jose himself. and had a imperial bearing. He sent her love notes written in unseeable ink. This ink consisted of common table salt and H2O. It left no hint on the paper. Rizal. who knew his chemical science. taught Orang ( favored name of Leonor Valenzuela ) the secret of reading any note written in the unseeable ink by heating it over a taper or lamp so that the missive may look. But as with Segunda. he stopped short of suggesting matrimony to Orang.

Love affairs with other misss
After Segunda Katigbak he courted a certain “Miss L” . After a few visit he stopped courting her. After Miss L he courted Leonor Valenzuela ( Orang ) but stop short of suggesting matrimony. Rizal’s following love affair was with his cousin Leonor Rivera. Between Jose and Leonor spranga beautiful love affair and became engage. In 1879. the Liceo Artistico – Literario ( Artistic Literarylyceum ) of Manila held literary competition it offered a award for the best verse form by a native or a ladino. Rizal submitted his verse form “A La Juventud Filipina” . ( ToThe Youth Filipino ) . The board of Judgess was impressed of Rizal verse form and gave it the first award consisted of a Ag pen. feathered molded and decorated with a gold thread. The animating verse form beseeched the Filipino young person to lift from the indolence. Coatings Surveying class in Ateneo ( 1878 )

During his term in University of Santo Tomas ( 1877 – 78. Rizal besides studied in Ateneo. he took the vocational class taking to a rubric of porito agrimensor ( adept surveyor ) ) . In those yearss it should be remembered. the college for male childs in Manila offered vocational classs in agribusiness. commercialism. mechanics and appraising. Rizal’s unhappy yearss at UST. Rizal’s Ateneo male child admiration. found the ambiance at the UST a suffocating to his sensitive spirit. He was unhappy of this Dominican Institution of high acquisition because ( 1 ) the Dominican processors were hostile to him. ( 2 ) the Filipino pupils were racially discriminated. and ( 3 ) the method of instructions were disused and inhibitory. Decision to analyze abroad

After completing the 4th twelvemonth of his medical class. Rizal decided to analyze in Spain. He could no longer digest the rampant dogmatism. favoritism. and ill will in UST. His uncle. Antonio Rivera. Leonor’s male parent. promote him to travel abroad. Both Paciano and Saturnina. whom he contacted in secret. were of similar sentiment. For the first clip. Rizal did non seek his parent’s determination and approval to travel abroad. because he knew that they. particularly his female parent will disapprove his program. He did non besides conveying his darling Leonor in his assurance. He had adequate common sense to cognize that Leonor. being a adult female. and immature and romantic at that. could non maintain a secret. Therefore. Rizal’s parent. Leonor. and the Spanish governments knew nil of his determination to travel abroad in order to complete his medical surveies in Spain. where the professors were more tolerant and understanding than those of the University of Santo Tomas.

In 1880. the artistic literary secondary school opened another literary competition to mark the 4th centenary of the decease of Cervantesand was opened to both Filipinos and Spaniards. Many authors participated including Rizal who submitted an allegorical play entitled”El Consejo de losDioses” ( The council of the Gods ) . Rizal won and for the first clip. an indio defeated several Spanish author. Other Rizal literary work as an Thomasian: “Junto Al Pasig “ . “Abd-el-Azis Y mahoma” . “Al M. R. P. Pablo Ramon” . Rizal was the title-holder of the Filipino pupils in their frequent battle against Spanish pupils. In 1880. Filipino pupils in UST Founded “Companerismo “and Rizal was the head of his secret society and led assorted street battle. . After completing the 4th twelvemonth of his medical class. Rizal decided to analyze in Spain. He did non seek his parent’s permission. Thus Rizal’s parents. Leonor. and the Spanish governments knew nil of his determination to travel abroad in order to complete his medical surveies in Spain.