Challenges that working women face today Essay


In today’s civilization where individuality is emphasized and particularly that adult females are encouraged to presume equal functions as work forces would usually take. two or three decennaries ago. it is really hard to see oculus to oculus with how adult females are during scriptural times. “Girl power” or adult females authorization is the regulation of the twenty-four hours for adult females presents.

Although. of class. all adult females as all work forces have the right to take in the sense that they have the same intrinsic capacity to influence. the function of leading has been blown out of proportion by feminist groups as they apply it to adult females. The consequence of this over blown leading function of adult females has been the changeless conflict between members of opposite sexes in many important countries within society. It has affected the places. authorities and non-government establishments. down to the smallest entity that has within its rank work forces and adult females.

The Challenges

Today. despite the autonomy afforded to adult females since their right to suffrage had been granted. myriads of jobs assails them as they exercise many of their freedoms. These include sexual torment and maltreatment. equilibrating household life and. still being debated to a grade is the issue on an just wage or wage.

By and large. the adult females today have double occupations non to advert the close attending they pay towards their children’s schooling. This is normally true in urbanised and extremely educated centres in the mainland USA. Despite these alterations of traditional functions of adult females in the metropoliss. there are yet rural countries where adult females assume functions that are still traditional. Womans in these countries are still known to be subservient to their work forces ; oftentimes maltreatments are the regulation non the exclusion.

Maltreatments come in the signifier of incest. colza. enticement of harlotry. cybernet harlotry. abortion. domestic force. sex touristry. and mail order brides among others. However. without exclusion. more less educated adult females are abused than their more educated opposite numbers who besides have more entree to societal services. In other words. the maltreatments mentioned characterized adult females. though the incidence and grade are relatively higher in the lupus erythematosus educated and misplaced/marginalized countries ( Malveuax et al. . 2002 ) .

~ Salary Equity

Despite the proviso by jurisprudence that there should be equal wage criterions for work forces and adult females. many houses and workplaces continue to mistreat adult females of this right ( Equal Employment Opportunity Act ) . This jurisprudence exactly was originally intended for adult females to have equal wage and be protected against anomalous employers who make capricious determinations sing their adult females employees.

It provides against employers who may take down rewards from either sex or labour organisations that will try to act upon employers against employees’ rewards ( Taber. 2008 ) . The inquiry is how prevailing is the favoritism or maltreatment on employee wages? Basically. most businesss still show disagreement with adult females versus work forces rewards. although assorted accounts are put away. However the factors may be explained. the fact still remains that adult females lose around 20 to 30 per centum to that of men’s income ( 77cents to one dollar for work forces ) as reported by The Washington Post ( 2007 July ) .

~Balancing Work and household ( Work-Life Enterprises )

Work-life enterprises are schemes implemented by houses to cut down turnover and increase productiveness and overall house public presentation. Studies were made to analyze the influence and effects of work-life enterprises on employees and the organisation in general. Workplace diverseness which incorporates the constructs of work-life enterprises does bespeak that it is inevitable that when a company introduces work-life enterprises. there is a resulting addition in diverseness. Significant grounds point to the effectivity of workplace diverseness hence. many establishments encourage and promote this in their peculiar surroundings ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. cmdronline. com/workshops. htm ) .

It is inevitable that beguiling work and household life will be one of a person’s demanding experiences. The principle for holding a occupation is non merely to hold a support. achieve personal satisfaction in the look of his abilities and preparations. and have his wage and fringe benefits on the side. Preparation for household stableness to be able to supply and therefore make an ambiance of attention. for bachelors/maidens. is besides the foremost and logical ground for holding a occupation.

However. the thin yarn that separates between the two mutual oppositions becomes blurred. and there lies the tenseness that pulls a individual in different waies. The Center for Mediation and Dispute Resolution opens its web site with the undermentioned quotation mark: “Our life is one giant equilibrating act ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. cmdronline. com/workshops. htm ) . ” Possibly. no individual will of all time differ with that statement. The end so is to cognize how to make the reconciliation act. to derive competences in accomplishing a rewarding. booming sort of life that holds work in one manus. while keeping a well-nurtured and healthy household on the other manus.

~Sex Harassment

What is possibly most of import to women’s wellbeing is their security against maltreatment of any signifier from employers. fellow employees and other people as they conduct their daily personal businesss. Sex torment is defined by the Women’s Justice Network as “Sexual torment is any unwelcome sexual progress. petition for sexual favours. and other verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature. Whether sexual torment is from a supervisor. colleagues or clients. it is an effort to asseverate power over another individual. The torment may take topographic point in your work scene. outside of your work scene. in your place. while going on concern or at concern functions” ( 20002 ) .


While at the minute. the common call of adult females is equality to both genders as it is reflected in women’s functions in the household. in public topographic points. and the annihilation of the stereotypic appellation of females in past decennaries which until now has its bearing in the heads of the general populace the attendant result of this run is prevailing in about every country where map is concerned. In the late sixtiess. women’s motion began to bloom. It was stirred by the so sentiment of repulsive force to the undertakings being typecasted among adult females. Women’s motion of the sixties aimed to oppugn the humble responsibilities relegated to adult females such as acquiring married. going a homemaker and afterwards go toing to household jobs ( including raising kids ) . and when outside chance comes for them to work. they’re consigned to replying phones. run offing. etc ( Encarta. 2006 ) .

The scenery has been changed and is no longer the same as in the past 30 or 40 old ages. The typical adult female today is one that is among the working category – no longer confined to house premises. but working and supplying every bit much as her male opposite numbers. She can be the director or an executive of an established house where most of the male employees are under her bid. Equality in functions has now been achieved. Whereas this position and word picture of adult females in itself is non straight-out negative. the undercurrent force that it has created is the scheduling of the heads of today’s adult females to be immune to the scriptural description of their function as they are teamed with work forces.

Alternatively of seeing male and female partnership as complimentary to both sexes. the danger of excessively much accent on equality particularly when it is defined simply in domestic and public maps is the menace that maleness airss to womanhood. It is good for adult females to contend for their basic equal rights with work forces as members of this planetary community. but if it consequences in certain instabilities because the purpose has become the deposition of the opposite gender. so the conflict for equality has now turned into battle for high quality of the female sex.


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